Protest rally in 25th of January - Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy


Poster translated text:  

The Karystos Municipality and the South Karystia Associations

On Wednesday 25th January 2023

In 11:30 am

Outside the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy

Mesogion avenue 119

Busses will depart at 8.15 am from Karystos square. For bus booking: Karystos Municipality 2224025001  V. Antoniadis

Update on the latest developments

With the recent decision 159-165/2024, the Council of State rejected the appeals of the Associations and Municipalities of Evia for the cancellation of the wind turbines of the Ellactor company in Central Evia (51 wind turbines) and Styra - Niborio (32 wind turbines). It is the second time that the Council of State does not justify the residents of Evia who are trying to protect the environment and their lives by legal means from the over-concentration of wind turbine in the mountains and now near the settlements.

Project of the DMX company - Removal of 9 wind turbines within Natura - Removal of the entire wind farm in the DISTRATA position


A BIG WIN ✌️✌️✌️
A great victory of all those who struggle in Southern Karystia against inactivity and despair.
We achieved with great struggle the removal of the entire wind farm at the DISTRATA position, 3 wind turbines at the PLATANOS position and one wind turbine at the LIAPOURTHI position.
With optimism, we are proceeding with the abolition of all the DMX projects that concerns wind farms in the locations of RIZA, TRIKORFO, PLATANOS, LIAPOURTHI, AGIOS APOSTOLI and AGIOS TAXIARCHES of the Municipality of Karystos.

Updated wind-power-stations, Febr. 2023


We share the total wind-power-station permits in the Municipality of Karystos according to the latest data from RAE. The general trend is an increase in wind turbines:

From 429 wind turbines in operation in Jan. 2023 we have 435 wind turbines in Feb. 2023.
Production licenses have also increased, we assume because some evaluation licenses have been converted to production licenses. However, installation permits have been slightly reduced. The general total remains approximately the same: 800 wind turbines.

What does wind turbine noise and photoshading mean?


We are sharing two videos taken by a resident of Petria (TN: S. Evia island) where the air conditioners are located close to houses. : About the noise : About the stroboscopic effect.

As wind turbine installations multiply in South Evia and even come close to houses, it is certain that all settlements will have the same problem as Petries.

Update on the conference in Chalkis/Evia in 17th December


On 17/12/2022 the Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Chalkida with the assistance of the Associations of Niborio and Diliso, organized an excellent conference on the topic of 'Threats and consequences of wind turbines in Evia and Skyros'. The speakers, scientists from different specialties, presented important data on the effects and legal issues of the wind turbines installation.

In summary we mention some notable points of the speakers: