Press Release: Rally in Skyros against wind farms


People's assembly against wind turbines in Skyros

On 1/8/2022 an open gathering took place in Skyros in Chora square against the 58 wind turbines planned in the southern part of the island. The local community and the Municipality of Skyros collectively refuse the installation of giant wind turbines, recognizing the effects on the environment and the economic activities of the island. Experts on energy, environment and legal issues spoke. The mayor of Skyros, local and regional councilors were emphatically opposed to the project.

In fact, in order for all the locals to understand the consequences of the installation of wind turbines, SPPENK (Society for the Protection of the Environment of South Karystia) was invited to speak about the situation in South Evia and specifically in the municipality of Karystos. The images we showed them of the destruction of our mountains along with other information we gave, about the consequences for livestock, beekeeping and nature tourism, shocked the Skyros public. Everyone wondered how it is possible for our own local community to remain silent in the face of such damage...

The local community of Skyros is fully convinced of the consequences and issues its reaction. Now, that the turn of the settlements Styra, Lykorema, Livadaki, Kallergo, Mesochoria has come, will we continue the same submissive and apathetic attitude? Do we understand that we are playing with the future of our country and our very lives?


SPPENK Administrative Board