Protest - oil tanker in the Gulf of Karystos

The Russian tanker LANA (formerly Pegas) with a capacity of 115,000 tons, loaded with crude oil, due to a mechanical failure, has been trapped in the Gulf of Karystos for 40 days. We are not responsible for commenting on the political implications of this situation, but we were informed by a publication of Star Central Greece and by foreign media, that another tanker is heading to the gulf of Karystos to tranship the confiscated cargo, as shown in the relevant screenshot attached to bottom of the page.
The transhipment of thousands of tons of crude oil in an unsuitable place, in a port near a residential area and tourist beaches is unprecedented.
If only 1/1000 of the cargo leaks into the sea during the transhipment process, the ecological damage will be incalculable.
As having a legal interest, we request that the ship be IMMEDIATELY removed from the gulf of Karystos and transferred to a suitable transhipment site that meets all safety conditions.
The natural environment of Karystia will not pay another heavy price for the political choices of each government. As long as the gradual transformation of mountainous Karystia into a wind industry, we are left with the sea, let us protect it.


The above text has been sent as a protest of our association to the following recipients:

1. General Secretariat for Natural Environment and Water

2. Department of Environment and Spatial Planning of Thessalia
3. Department of Environment and Spatial Planning of Central Greece
4. Department of Water Management of Central Greece
5. European Committee of Environment
6. European Parliament - Greek department
7. Prime Minister Office
8. Ministry of shipping
9. Greenpeace Hellas
10. Greek Ornithological Society
11. WWF Hellas
12. Institute of Marine Conservation ’Archipelagos'
13. Parliament members from Evia

Τάνκερ στον κόλπο της Καρύστου