The valley of Platanistos

It is located in the village of Platanistos which is 25 km away from Karystos. The stream starts from a small gorge in the village of Panochori where one can see an arched bridge and a watermill. The river passes through the village giving coolness and rich vegetation and continues to Potami beach (ie, river's beach). The ravine along its entire route is overgrown with sycamore trees, willows, oleanders, wicker and alder. The bay of Potami is located between coastal cliffs where rare rock-loving plants grow. Next to the estuary are small ponds and swamps that gather migratory birds. The rich sandy beach is ideal for camping.

The stream of Lala

The waters that spring from Ochi are plenty and in the old days they watered the orchards in the villages and moved watermills. The Lala ravine starts from an underground spring at the base of a small gorge below the Lala Wreaths ("Stefania tis Lalas"). The path along the ravine is in many places paved and passes through old fountains and arched bridges. There were several watermills in the ravine from which ruins are preserved.

The valley of Myloi

The village of Myloi, 4 km north of Karystos, is crossed by the stream Platanitses that descends from Ochi. The village got its name from the mills that operated along the stream. The sound of the stream that flows in the village is typical like the fountains that one encounters. The stream of Mylos meets the stream of Lala near Alamaneika and they create the river of Rigia which flows into the west beach of Karystos.

The stream of Aetos

It is smaller than the previous two and runs less water. It starts from the upper Aetos and flows into Marmara beach.