Karystos wetland


To the west of the town of Karystos is a complex of small wetlands defined by two streams with water all year round the Karkalas and Rigia and two artificial lakes of great ecological importance created by earlier clay extraction in the area.

The wetland of Karystos flatland is a landscape of incredible beauty that supplies water to the plain of Karystos, improves the climate and limits flooding in times of heavy rainfall.
We have a duty to preserve and protect this wetland.

It may be seen by some as buildable land for cheap cottages to be erected on the stagnant lakes of the wetland, but fortunately there is some protection status with the Presidential Decree of 2012 and with the recent related Strategic Study of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Association for the Protection of the Environment of Southern Karystia, faithful to its statutory purposes, appealed to the Decentralized Administration of Thessaly against the 112/2023 Decision of the Municipal Council, which requests the declassification of the wetland and its conversion into a tourist area.

We believe that the wetland by its nature is already an excellent tourist destination for wildlife lovers and bird watchers and only needs a little development (clearing paths, benches, trash cans, guards, etc.).

The Society for the Protection of the Environment of South Karystia will continue the fight in every legal way to keep the wetland in its natural state.

Our country has always suffered from wild interventions by business groups such as wind farms in the mountains, it cannot stand any more.


Society for the Protection of the Environment of South Karystia