Briefing gathering in Lykorema


The Initiative Group for the defense of the rights of the residents of Lykorema-Theatroupolis-OSMAES-ERODIOS and the Cultural-Naturalist Association of Lykorema invite you to an informative discussion about the wind farms of the company AEOLOS EVIAS ENERGY SA at the locations "PIONARI", "SHINARI", "VALMOS" and "KOURMALI".

The zoning areas, which are threatened with destruction, belong to the Municipal Unit of Karystos, which has been designated as a tourist zone and has been continuously developing in this direction in recent years.

The meeting will take place on Thursday 18/8/2022 at the Nikola Estate at 6.30pm.

The gathering is open to any resident of the Municipality of Karystos since the problem is common to all.

Lykorema Initiative Group