About Us

We welcome you to the site of the Society for the Protection of the Environment of South Karystia (S.P.E.S.K. - Σ.Π.ΠΕ.Ν.Κ. Greek initials). 

The Society for the Protection of the Environment of South Karystia - S.P.E.S.K. (ΣΠΠΕΝΚ - sppenk@gmail.com) was established in 1998 in Karystos.
The aim of the society is to protect the nature of South Karystia area, with special emphasis  to the protection of the Ochi mountain area (NATURA). The society is working especially on the issue of prevention of installation of wind parks inside the protected area of the Ochi mountain. It watches the wind parks licensings through the whole area of South Evia and informs the local community. 
 It has expressed it's protest to all relevant authorities and to the European Commission of Environment, about the excessive installation of wind parks in the South Karystia area and especially in the area of the Ochi mountain.


The basic objective of the society is to support the scientific study of the Ochi mountain area and to document it's value in order to be brought out to the public and to be appreciated. Therefore, it cooperates with and supports scientific sectors and independent researchers that are interested in studying the chlora and fauna as well as the geology and archaeological monuments of the area.
For the information of it's members and it's local community, the society used to publish the newsletter 'The News of Spizaetus' (Spizaetus is a species of eagle). Currently, it informs it's members and the local news via regular email communication and this site. Also, it organizes visits to the countryside of S. Karystia area, aiming at bringing the general public in contact with the nature of the Ochi mountain and at raising it's awareness for it's protection.


This site is devoted to the natural environment of the Ochi mountain and to the wider area of South Karystia. Our objective is to present in a concise manner the natural landscapes and their values which are tightly bound to the traditional culture.

The natural and cultural wealth of the South Karystia area was never become known more widely, neither it's value was ever acknowledged, on the contrary, it was abandoned to it's fate with the result of being in danger of  extinction.

The advance of wind turbines that will overwhelm the South Karystia area, as well as the development of extensive fish farms in the South Evoikos gulf are going to have a catalytic effect to the future of the area. We believe that the area of South Karystia deserves to be saved, instead of ending up as a construction site for the wind industry and industrial zone for fish farming.

Now, that the extinction of the natural and cultural heritage of the South Karystia area is approaching, we feel the urge to alarm the local community, because the salvation of the area is in it's hands.