The nature of Ochi mountain

The natural landscapes of Ochi mountain and the wider area stand out for their geology, vegetation, rare species of flora and fauna and are complemented by cultural monuments. These places include gorges, mountain peaks, ravines and coasts that stand out for their wild natural beauty and attract the interest of the nature-loving visitor. The natural heritage of Ochi remains unknown and unexplored to the general public and only recently the gorge of Dimosaris has aroused the tourist interest of local and foreign visitors for the mountainous nature. The chronic abandonment of the area and the inability to appreciate its value, led to the unreserved acceptance of the plans for the installation of wind farms that are going to cause a huge blow to the natural landscapes.  


A visit to the nature of Ochi mountain has the character of exploration because the access by car is often difficult and limited, while the paths have no signage and signs. However, only if you look closely at the rare beauties, you will appreciate their value and the need to protect them.