Wind turbines in Styra, S. Evia - Photorealistic images


The 33 wind turbines that have been licensed around Styra (S. Evia) will be the largest to date: 5MW each, 180m. height, 145 m wingspan.

The photorealistic rendering done by the local Associations gives a good idea of ​​how the wind turbines will dominate and disrupt the landscape plus the other problems that noise, excavation, road building and power transmission will create.

Briefing gathering in Lykorema


The Initiative Group for the defense of the rights of the residents of Lykorema-Theatroupolis-OSMAES-ERODIOS and the Cultural-Naturalist Association of Lykorema invite you to an informative discussion about the wind farms of the company AEOLOS EVIAS ENERGY SA at the locations "PIONARI", "SHINARI", "VALMOS" and "KOURMALI".

The zoning areas, which are threatened with destruction, belong to the Municipal Unit of Karystos, which has been designated as a tourist zone and has been continuously developing in this direction in recent years.

Press Release: Rally in Skyros against wind farms


People's assembly against wind turbines in Skyros

On 1/8/2022 an open gathering took place in Skyros in Chora square against the 58 wind turbines planned in the southern part of the island. The local community and the Municipality of Skyros collectively refuse the installation of giant wind turbines, recognizing the effects on the environment and the economic activities of the island. Experts on energy, environment and legal issues spoke. The mayor of Skyros, local and regional councilors were emphatically opposed to the project.

The role of wind-power plants in energy supply: Expensive and unreliable electricity

are wind turbines made to suck?

The reason that wind-power plants are useless and "bad" is that they commit funds and eat money but without providing reliable electricity. You just do not know if it will blow in June, you know you want electricity in June, and if it does in June, you will not know what to do with the conventional units that you will have to electrify you.