Karystos municipality resolution for Nimporio


The defense of the antiquities in Nimborio from the encroachment of the wind farms was decided unanimously by the Municipal Council of Karystos after a proposal of the "Laiki Sispirosi" (trnsl.: People's Rally).

Dimitris Paraskevas, municipal councilor of Karystos with the "Laiki Syspeirosi", raised as an urgent issue at the last meeting of the municipal council the defense of antiquities in the wider area of ​​Nimborio from the raid of wind farms.

Introducing the issue, D. Paraskevas noted that: "Despite the overwhelmingly negative position of the residents and organizations of the area of ​​Styra, N. Styra and Nimporio in the installation of a wind farm on the hill of Nimporio, the company "Ellactor" continues its work under the government's responsibility. On June 24 and 25, the company attempted to install anemometric masts without the permission of the of the Antiquities Authorities of Evia. The company's effort fell on deaf ears to the reaction of the residents.

In fact, the intended installation of wind farms in Nimborio, among other things, threatens a number of valuable archaeological monuments."

The municipal council of Karystos unanimously approved the following resolution that will be sent to the Minister of Culture:

The Municipal Council of Karystos, once again expresses its straight opposition to the installation of new wind farms in the Municipality and especially in Nimborio.

Apart from the other impacts caused by the development of wind farms in our area, with the sole criterion of profit, the destruction of the antiquities of the area is added. Already, from the existing wind farms, the Roman quarries in the place "Iliolousti" and "Amygdalia" have been damaged, part of a house from Hellenistic times in the place "Amygdalia", Archaic house in the place "Kapsouri" and others.

The "Ellactor" group, with the blessings of the government through the inter-ministerial committee for the strategic investor, plans to install on the hill of Nimborio, of the Municipal Unit of Styra, of the Municipality of Karystos, 14 wind turbines, with total height of 180 meters, with a propeller diameter of 145 meters, as part of the total project of 64 wind turbines in South and Central Evia.

We also express our protest because the Ministry of Culture did not proceed for so many years in declaring the site as archeological, with protection zones for the monuments, while the plans for the installation of wind turbines have existed since 2013.

Nimborio with the Roman and modern quarries, the Drakospita and the tower of Hellenistic times, is an important place of special archaeological interest. In addition, the new wind farm on the hill of Nimborio will cause irreparable consequences to important "declared" and "undeclared" monuments that are scattered, near and in the wider area of ​​the hill of Nimborio and Styra.

The Municipal Council of Karystos requests:

1. Not to allow any intervention on the hill of Nimborio that will become extremely destructive for the antiquities.

2. To revoke the installation permit of the wind farm of "Ellactor" in Nimborio. Both due to the effects it will have on the antiquities, as well as on the overall effects on the lives of the inhabitants, taking into account that the Municipality of Karystos is already oversaturated, being the first nationwide to have installed power-generation wind farms.

3. To proceed with the archaeological declaration of the area with protection zones for the monuments.

4. To ensure the maintenance of the monuments with immediate rescue operations and the cleaning of the area.

5. To stop the degradation of the places, to highlight the hill of Nimborio and Ag. Nikolaou Styron in a model archaeological park with free access, along with the concurrent promotion of the timeless exploitation of stone in the area of ​​Karystia from ancient times to the present day.