Destruction over our heads

Month by month, our mountain Ochi and the remaining mountainous areas of ​​South Karystia is filled with wind turbines. The old familiar mountainous landscapes disappear and huge wind turbines are being erected in their place with all their associated infrastructure: endless roads, pylons and high voltage lines, substations ... There is no slope without a cut road, sheds from excavations and cut slopes. There are wind turbines everywhere, even next to archaeological sites such as Drakotihos (Dragon Wall) and Pyrgari. The dust covers everything and makes driving a martyrdom even in the car. The mountain is transformed into an inhospitable and threatening landscape where one is rushed to leave. The dismantling of the natural environment is progressing fast and steadily as more wind turbines come in ...

Unfortunately, the local community does not react to a disaster that is against life itself. Interventions for the installation of wind turbines lead to faster desertification. The fires that emerge from the power lines threaten to destroy as much vegetation as possible. The waters are seriously affected by the interventions according to Professor G. Stournaras (please download the relevant Word document - in Greek). Airborne dust transferred to the plants, our homes and our lungs is still a threat to human and animal health.

Let us seriously think about what can happen in the long run to the common goods that support our lives. A possible collapse will drift across society. The real issue about the place is to stop immediately the installation of more wind turbines. But this can not be done without the involvement and demand of all the local community. 

We are in a battle position and we expect those who perceive the danger of the irreparable disturbance of our life, to arise.


Ch. Beretti - Chairman

T. Biniaris - Secretary

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