Protest rally October 2nd - Acropolis of Styra



Invitation to a gathering-trek in the Acropolis of Styra, against the impending installation of wind farms and a substation around the Acropolis of Styra and on the hill of Nimborio Styra, N. Evia.

For all of us, the residents and visitors of the area, as well as those working in Culture, it is necessary to reverse any attempt to further degrade the natural environment, our cultural heritage and our lives as a whole. There are already 413 wind turbines operating in the Municipality of Karystos alone, while it is planned to reach 847. Many archeological sites in the area have already been surrounded by wind turbines. The new wind-turbines in the area (Locations: Chrousi, Kelia, Lioutsa) will give the gratuitous shot to the archeological site of Ag. Nikolaou, while the new wind farm in Nimborio (Pyrgari Place) will literally eliminate unique Roman antiquities, which relate to quarrying activities throughout the mountain. All this under the guise of "green" growth, but in essence, a growth that brings huge profits to a few large business groups, few poorly paid jobs and a very expensive electricity for the people.

We will not allow the projected new paradise of "green growth" to become a roller coaster of our cultural heritage and our lives as a whole.

We demand:

  • No intervention should be allowed on the hill of Nimpori and around the hill of Agios Nikolaos.
  • To cancel now the installation of the wind farm in Nimborio and in the wider area of Styra.
  • The archaeological declaration of the area with protection zones, which will protect the monuments.
  • The continuous care by the competent service of the Ministry of Culture for the maintenance, cleaning and promotion of the premises.
  • Do not make any forest declassification and change of land-use of fire-affected and protected areas.
  • Do not turn Evia into a vast industrial zone

We invite you on Saturday 2nd of October 2021 at 14.00 to a gathering and a trip to the Acropolis of Styra. Meeting point at 'Diakoftis' location on the road to Styra (at the entrance of the wind-turbine station, on the road to Stira) and then drive at the beginning of the path to the Acropolis of Styra.


The following will participate:

· Nimporio Landscaping Association.

· Association of Residents of Delisos.

· Association for the Protection of the Environment of South Karystia (SPPENK).

· Styra Hoteliers Association.

· Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Chalkida (EOS Chalkida).

· Association of Archaeologists (SEKA)