Financial support for litigation - URGENT

financial support for our legal battle


The Association for the Protection of the Environment of South Karystia, of which you are a member, is waging a great struggle against the new wind farm installations in the area of ​​Karystos and Kafireas.

Since October, the Board of Directors and members have tried to create a movement against the wind parks, in collaboration with organizations and individuals who react to the installation of new wind turbines.

No mass mobilization was achieved, so the Association will proceed to a court battle that will include individual complaints and an appeal to the Council of State against the company TERNA RF. Members of the Association work daily in collaboration with the lawyer Panos Fokas, who specializes in environmental issues. Preparing for these courts is time consuming, but also requires large sums of money to properly process the proceedings.

The Association is making a last effort to free some areas from occupation and complete environmental destruction.

We call on you to strengthen this last effort with your financial support, so that we can achieve the purpose of the Association, to defend the most valuable thing that exists, ie, nature and its creatures as well as the sustainable development of our region.

We ask you to deposit in the account of the Association as much money as you can as the last contribution to our struggle. We are waiting for a response so that we can visit the mountains we love again.

The account of the Association is:

NATIONAL BANK IBAN GR6901103710000037100179490

If you do not have access to the Bank, please call 6937203025

The Board thanks you and looks forward to your help.

Chrysoula (Soula) Bereti - President

Thanasis Biniaris - Secretary