Newsletter from the SPPENK council 20/02/2021 - SPPENK intervention

On 20/2/2021 a special Municipal Council was held in the Municipality of Karystos regarding the approval by the Interministerial Council for the inclusion in the category "Projects of Strategic Significance" of 4 wind farms of ELLAKTOR company in Central and 4 in South Evia with 65 wind turbines in the following locations:

- 8 above the Portolafia

- 23 in Nimborio

- 3 in the abandoned village of Kellia

- 5 near the gorge of Harakas

- 14 in Mesochoria

- 12 relatively close to Nea Styra opposite Kavalliani

For the information of the citizens, this means, subsidizing the investment from the current Development Program, tax reliefs, etc. That is, the Greek Citizens will finance the further destruction of another part of the environment of South Karystia with a minimal offer as it is now known in the country's electricity (as seen in the current bad weather when the wind did not provide electricity after the winds had weakened throughout the country)

All the councilors were negatively positioned in the Municipal Council for this development, which took place through an anti-democratic process, after the Government took a decision behind closed doors without consulting the Local Government, nor did it take into account the 500 negative comments from institutions and citizens in its process. Public Consultation on "investment".

The general impression we got from this Board was that the Municipality of Karystos, has found itself in a difficult position, because the storm of applications for wind farms in the area continues, and because the catastrophic result of its  of timely response to plans of RES companies in the area is obvious.

We believe that only by appealing to the CoC (Council of State) can there be hope for the cancellation of this investment and that the live protest in ministries and services of a Municipal Protest Committee as proposed, will have no effect unless the people mobilize and react vigorously by blocking the streets and other mass reactions.

We believe that in any case in this Protest Committee, local Associations that are affected by such activities should participate as certainly well as SPPENK.

The intervention of SPPENK in the Municipal Council (20.2.2021) was as follows:

Ellactor wind farms affect the Municipalities of Dirfion-Messapia (and in Natura 2000 areas), Eretria, Kymi-Aliveri and Karystos. A total of 65 wind turbines will be installed in the Municipality of Karystos and specifically in the Municipality of Styra:

These wind turbines destroy places of great tourist interest and in some cases with beautiful nature such as those that will enter near the gorge of Harakas. Some of these wind turbines have been ILLEGALLY located inside declared archeological sites, as in the case of Harakas and Portolafia (Dragon House Kourtheas).

So we ask the following questions:

1) Why did the Municipality of Karystos not participate in the Public Consultation for the company Ellactor in which almost 500 negative comments were recorded? While there was participation for example of the Municipality of Dirfion-Messapia. SPPENK, of course, participated in this consultation. The Municipality of Karystos, however, was absent. It could have sent a comment to show that it disagrees with this project. Maybe that would help in the phase we are in now. And why did it surprise you that investing is now considered a strategy? it was expected. We were waiting for it.

2) The Mayor spoke about legal actions taken by the Municipality. What legal actions have been taken so far? Can you tell us two - three? What is the development, for example, of the appeal filed by the Municipality in the summer against the Production License of the company Ellactor? There is no information so far, not even to the Nimporio Association that is directly affected and has also appealed against RAE. SPPENK has sent to RAE, together with the Tourist Association, objections for the Energy Community of Evelpis, together with 140 signatures and next week the appeal for the production license of the Energy Community of Karystos will be submitted within the stipulated deadline. That is, without wanting to do us proud, SPPENK alone has done several legal actions in just one month.

3) How does the Municipality of Karystos think of turning against the company Ellactor? He should normally make a decision today to appeal to the State Council, as he should do for TERNA. What else to do? It must come forward with the decision of the Board of Directors 92/2020 "no other wind turbines in the borders of the Municipality of Karystos" and move legally.

4) We also ask the question whether there will be other dynamic reactions as it should be, for example, closing the road from the fishing shelter to Portolafia. Since in a short time, parts of the TERNA 120 wind turbines may pass through there, that will be set up and level Kavodoros and the rest of Ochi area.
That is, other times we close (eg Styra) and other times we open (for TERNA or the wind turbines that leveled the whole area behind the castle of Styra to the Aegean to pass?) An attempt had been made in the past to stop the passage through specific road and was stopped by some acquaintances in the area of ​​Styra who now appeared to us anti-wind - we do not refer to any names.

5) And finally, is the Municipality aware of the establishment of an Energy Community in Styra and also that there is a strong interest of owners in the area where the declared archaeological site in Aminou is located, for even more wind turbines in the last empty mountain peaks of Styra Municipality, which are overgrown ;