South Karystia area, in the vice of industrial wind parks

The wind-park installation works of Enel and other companies proceed at a quick pace. The mountain is under a phase of demolition from one edge to the other: all mountain ridges are accessed through roads, from which other access roads start towards other wind turbines. Separate roads are being opened in the whole Cavo d'Oro area, to Mpouros area. Technical works for rain-water runoff are absent, which means that if rain-water becomes intense, it will result in unpredictable destruction. Since summer, rocks have rolled down, close to houses in Shizali village.

The impact of the works becomes gradually more noticeable in Karystos itself and it's surrounding area. The heavy-duty vehicles provoke nuisance to the residents and will become more intense during transportation of the wind turbines . One can notice various interventions in the peripheral road of Karystos, as well as in the provincial road to Mpouros, in order for the 40-meter trucks to be able to use those roads. Various damages on the pavement are expected, which has not be constructed strong enough to bear the weight of hundreds of tons. An area in Mpouros, larger than 10.000 sq. m. has been flattened and layered with gravel in order to be turned into a deposit area for materials and vehicles, causing nuisance to the inhabitants.

Extremely worrying is the over-pumping of water from wells and boreholes of the Karystos municipality and from private land-owners, which has started since summer and continues unabated until today. The frequent pumping of large quantities of water is a serious intervention on the water table, something that has not been expected from the surveys, neither is allowed by law, since it can decrease the water availability and lead to non-reversible situations like water shortage, saline soils and desertification.

Faced with this unprecedented destruction taking place in the local area, the local society hushes... The small profits that certain local contractors make by undertaking work from outsourcing (from the companies) has thrown a shroud of silence over the contributed damage that is magnified day by day. Additionaly, the donations and sponsorships that the companies issue to Karystos municipality and certain local associations, have formulated a supportive posture towards the projects, which is strengthened from systematic propaganda (review ENEL (ΕΝΕΛ) company brochure referring to alleged benefits for the local society).

We believe that the majority of South Karystia inhabitants realize that our local area is being destroyed at a fast pace and is turning into an industrial power center with the highest concentration of wind turbines in the whole country. This outcome constitutes a shame for the local region and the inhabitants that allow such a monstrosity to take place over their heads. It is imperative for us to look further than our minor and temporary benefits and think seriously about the consequences that await us on all levels:

· The natural environment will disappear due to the gigantic industrial installations, resulting into natural destruction and possible drought.

· Local activities will waste away until.

· The local area will be negatively characterized as a heavily over-loaded region with wind turbines.

· The life of the inhabitants will become unbearable since it has been noticed that the industrialization of a place leads firstly to natural environment collapse and then to health collapse.

Those of us who realize where this thoughtless installation of wind turbines lead, ought to speak out. When the local area collapses, the best we should do is to defend it before it becomes a living hell for our lives.

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For ΣΠΠΕΝΚ (Society for the Protection of the Environment of Karystos)

Ch. Mpereti - Chairman

Th. Mpiniaris - Secretary