Cavo D'Oro - May 2019

Wind farms in Cavo D'Oro are growing. During our last visit we saw 13 wind turbines above Platanistos village and we distinguished from distance, 8 wind turbines in Milia. For the other wind farms, roads have been opened and work goes on daily. The high voltage pylons from Amygdalia to Bouro are set up in untrodden and wooded places with the obvious risk of fire.

South Karystia area, in the vice of industrial wind parks

The wind-park installation works of Enel and other companies proceed at a quick pace. The mountain is under a phase of demolition from one edge to the other: all mountain ridges are accessed through roads, from which other access roads start towards other wind turbines. Separate roads are being opened in the whole Cavo d'Oro area, to Mpouros area. Technical works for rain-water runoff are absent, which means that if rain-water becomes intense, it will result in unpredictable destruction. Since summer, rocks have rolled down, close to houses in Shizali village.