Demolition of archaeological sites in Karystia, Part 2: Plakota - Drakotichos


The 'Plakota' area, a few kilometers from Karystos and above Lala's 'wreaths' ('Stefania' location), is another geological monument of Karystia that fell victim to the altar of the so-called 'green' wind farms. 'Jasper Energy' company has built a large 24.6 MW park in the area. Just next to the archaeological monument 'Drakotichos' (Dragon wall) and just 33 meters from it, one of the station's 28 wind turbines is placed. In addition to the road that cut the wall in the middle, the wind turbine square and its rubble have covered the area just above the wall (that is, essentially the interior of the fort).

According to the archaeologist M. Hidiroglou, DRAKOTEICHOS is, in its entirety, a fortress of more than 50 meters in length by strong type of slab-structure. A slab path leads to the point. The shape and construction of the wall are similar to the fortifications in Archamboli and Filagra. The masonry consists of layers of large slate slabs and is located in the period of Classical to Hellenistic times in Karystia.

We ask the question again: How will our ancestors' memory be desecrated? When will some of the archaeologists stop dragging their fellow practitioners that practice their profession with zeal and respect, in the mud? When will the Ephorate of Antiquities of Euboea take over its responsibilities? NEVER?


Karystia Front Against Wind Parks (ΑΜΑΚ)