Wind-power stations

Aπεικόνιση Αιολικών Πάρκων με άδεια παραγωγής ά -

Wind Power Stations in South Evia

South Karystia and the wider region of South Evia have been at the center of development plans for large wind farms since 1998. The rationale behind the mass installation of wind turbines is certainly not to serve local needs or even to contribute to the development of RES based on principle of proportionality, but the supply of the central system with the maximum utilization of the wind potential of South Evia. The central and regional administration of recent years is constantly approving more wind farms without considering the final result that will be the transformation of South Evia into an energy center. The accumulation of wind farms catalyzes the elementary spatial planning and will have incalculable effects on the local environment, the quality of life and the local economy. The responsibility for the future that is specified for South Evia, bears also the local community that left the plans of the central administration to develop without any resistance.



How many wind turbines

Το Μαρμάρι με φόντο Αιολικά Πάρκα To date, there are 352 wind turbines operating in South Evia, corresponding to 34 installed wind farms and a high-voltage line for the transmission of the generated power of 280 MW. The construction of a second line of high voltage 150 KV from Polypotamos to Platanistos is in progress, which will more than double the number of installed wind farms and will add 300 MW of power. The second high voltage line will connect at least 21 wind farms of different companies that will be installed on the borders of the old Municipalities of Styra, Marmari and Karystos.



Wind turbines in the area of ​​Ochi

Ανεμογεννήτριες και δίκτυα μέσης τάσης κοντά στα ΑντιάThe companies Enel - Kopelouzos, TERNA and RF-Energy are going to install wind farm complexes on the ridges of the Kavodoros mountains as well as in coastal areas. Two privately owned high voltage lines are being planned, which will be financed by the companies themselves for the transmission of electricity from Kavodoros to Attica. The partnership of companies Enel - Kopelouzos has received an installation permit for 8 wind farms (74 a / c of 2.3MW) and a total capacity of 170MW. Next is TERNA which has received environmental conditions approval for 52 3MW wind turbines with a total capacity of 156MW. Finally, the company RF-Energy has secured production licenses for 150MW, while still claiming 237 MW.