The role of wind-power plants in energy supply: Expensive and unreliable electricity

are wind turbines made to suck?

The reason that wind-power plants are useless and "bad" is that they commit funds and eat money but without providing reliable electricity. You just do not know if it will blow in June, you know you want electricity in June, and if it does in June, you will not know what to do with the conventional units that you will have to electrify you.

Protest - oil tanker in the Gulf of Karystos

The Russian tanker LANA (formerly Pegas) with a capacity of 115,000 tons, loaded with crude oil, due to a mechanical failure, has been trapped in the Gulf of Karystos for 40 days. We are not responsible for commenting on the political implications of this situation, but we were informed by a publication of Star Central Greece and by foreign media, that another tanker is heading to the gulf of Karystos to tranship the confiscated cargo, as shown in the relevant screenshot attached to bottom of the page.