Request of Hellenic Ornithological Society for environmental report inspection

You can read here (only in Greek) the Request of Hellenic Ornithological Society for environmental report inspection of wind parks installation in Ochi region, in S. Karystia.

As a synopsis of this report we can refer to the following:

The Hellenic Ornithological Society requests for an environmental inspection on the works taking place for the installation of various wind parks in the wider Ochi region. It is noted that these wind parks are going to be installed inside the Natura 2000 network of special conservation zones and excavation works have already started for the sites construction.

The report claims that there is a high risk of soil erosion and slidings on the slopes of the roads and in small seasonal creeks. Also there is peril for elimination of forest areas and vegetation.

The Hellenic Ornithological Society urges for the correct and clear land-planning, so there is no any damage done on the forestry wealth of the place, or on the productivity and ecology of the forest, as well as for the prevention of soil erosion, in contrast of what recent photographs show.

Also, there has not been any study for the environmental restoration, as far as the Society is informed.
In the case that the environmental prerequisites are not applied, it is requested that construction works seize immediately and ways of environmental restoration are seeked.

This request is addressed to various authorities, like:
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Decentralized Administration of Thessalia and Mainland Greece
Region of Mainland Greece Administration