Gathering in Reuzi - update

press release

On 4/9/2022, at the initiative of the Community Council of Nea Styra (tn: New Styra), residents were informed in Zoodochos Pigi (Reouzi) about the 33 wind turbines of the Elactor company that have environmental licensing. The topic was presented by representatives of SPPENK and the Associations of Dilisos and Niborio.

All the speakers emphasized that the specific wind turbines will cause multiple damage to Styra and the surrounding settlements such as Reouzi, Kouvelles, Niborio, etc. due to the short distances from the houses and the serious interventions for their installation. Some of the interventions will be tens of kilometers of new roads, the excavation of thousands of cubic meters, the construction of a high-voltage substation and the underground transmission of electricity in a pit of more than 100 km.

The area of ​​N.E. Styron will be turned into an industrial construction site that will not only cause nuisance but also disrupt the place completely. The effects will also be heavy during the operation of the wind turbines that will surround Nea Styra and the surrounding settlements, creating an absolutely disturbing and unpleasant visual and acoustic environment. Important was the testimony of residents from Koskina and Petries who confirmed that they hear constant noise that does not let them sleep.

In order to deal with the threat to the settlements from the wind turbines, legal actions have been taken by the Associations of Niborio, Dilisos and the Municipality of Karystos. However, they are not sufficient, nor do they ensure the avoidance of the risk that the area of ​​the Styra area in an industrial zone.

It is an urgent need for the residents of Styra area and other settlements that have the same problem to mobilize and declare in every direction that they will not allow the teratogenesis of their place. The fight to stop the threat continues.


The Community Council

of Nea Styra