Update - wind turbines in Lykorema and Livadaki

press release

On 23/10/2022 the Municipality of Karystos and the Fight Committee of Citizens of South Karystia, organized an information gathering at the Yokaleio Spiritual Center of Karystos about the planned wind turbines in Lykorema, Livadaki, Niborio, Dilisos and the location of Aminou Styron. The event was opened by Mayor Lefteris Raviolos who publicly announced that the Municipality of Karystos together with the local community will work to prevent the installation of wind turbines near the settlements.

Then the SPPENK representative (Society for the Protection of the Environment of South Karystia), Thanasis Biniaris, presented the project study in detail with revealing data on the size of the a/c and interventions required. It was perceived by the public that the installation of industrial wind turbines will be particularly burdensome for the daily life of residents, economic activities and the quality of the environment.

The leader of the major opposition of the Municipality Zachos Chatzinikolis and the minor Dimitris Paraskevas and representatives of organizations such as Vangelis Sfyridis of the Agricultural and Livestock Association, Vangelis Koukourakis of the Association of Professionals & Artisans, Gianna Nova of the Association of Tourism Enterprises, Kostas Verouchis of Development Association, Evangelia Athanasiou of the Karystos Workers' Struggle Committee & the Beekeeping Association, Hanos Science of the Cultural & Development Association of Delis. Greetings were delivered by Alexandros Theodorou, Deputy Mayor of Kymi-Aliveri. Mr. Balaskas, a resident of Petria, told us about the effects of the A/C noise.

The speakers each emphasized the unpleasant consequences of the overconcentration of a/c in our Municipality as well as the negligible benefits for the residents. Everyone agreed that immediate and dynamic mobilization of the local community and the Municipal Authority is needed in order to cancel the projects.

The event was attended by a large number of people who showed their approval of the organization of the struggle for the cancellation of the works.

Letters of support were sent by Yannis Manolis Candidate Mayor of Karystos, Anna Karykas Regional Councilor, MPs Thanasis Zebilis, Miltos Hadzigiannakis & Georgios Marinos and the Associations: Beautician Association of Niborio, Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Chalkida, Cultural-Environmental Association "EIL" Citizens' Committee of Ierapetra.