On behalf of the Karystos Beekeeping Association "Dimitris Rigas 2004", we express our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the three victims of the fire that broke out on 7/23/2023 in Platanistos.

We also express our strong protest against the absence of a fire protection plan and above all prevention, in our place, which in every fire leads to the known disastrous results.

Karystos wetland


To the west of the town of Karystos is a complex of small wetlands defined by two streams with water all year round the Karkalas and Rigia and two artificial lakes of great ecological importance created by earlier clay extraction in the area.

The wetland of Karystos flatland is a landscape of incredible beauty that supplies water to the plain of Karystos, improves the climate and limits flooding in times of heavy rainfall.
We have a duty to preserve and protect this wetland.

Protest - oil tanker in the Gulf of Karystos

The Russian tanker LANA (formerly Pegas) with a capacity of 115,000 tons, loaded with crude oil, due to a mechanical failure, has been trapped in the Gulf of Karystos for 40 days. We are not responsible for commenting on the political implications of this situation, but we were informed by a publication of Star Central Greece and by foreign media, that another tanker is heading to the gulf of Karystos to tranship the confiscated cargo, as shown in the relevant screenshot attached to bottom of the page.