News release of the 'Society for the Protection of the Environment of S. Karystia' for the opening of the ENEL company in the Ochi mountain

As the citizens of South Karystia have never been asked about the installation and full development of the multinational Wind Power Company ENEL GREEN POWER HELLAS, the inauguration of the company's new wind power stations at mount Mytikas of the Ochi mountain took place in 15th October 2019, without any previous formal briefing.

The Society for the Protection of the Environment of S. Karystia (Karystos) was informed of the incident a few days before and invited citizen bodies and citizens to a meeting about it. Given that this event would take place in secret and excluding the participation of residents (with the exception of a small minority of persons related to the company, who had a special invitation), it was considered an open challenge of indifference and scorn.

An organized resistance was decided unanimously, at the arrival of the Government representatives, the authorized TV stations as well as executives of the company from Athens in question, as well as special police repression force (MAT).

Karystos citizen bodies and Citizens gathered on Tuesday at the entrance of the city with banners, slogans and a justified rage over the government and ENEL practices, aimed at the development policy they impose.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis landed by helicopter at the inauguration place, avoiding any contact with residents.

Coaches transporting people related with the company, were forced to by-pass the main road and drive by rough roads, in order to avoid any contact with the protesters. The inauguration was otherwise smooth and a banquet was given at the mountain, in a roughly constructed facility that had been erected. In the afternoon all those who participated were happy, with the image of disaster they enjoyed with the installed wind turbines, and especially the one just below the sacred peak of Giuda.

Karystos citizen bodies and citizens thank the company's stakeholders and the Greek government for the unforgettable experience and we promise that we will do everything possible so that they will not be too happy in their future actions and challenges.

The Free Citizens Fighters of South Karystia