Cruising through the debris of the Ochi mountain

The picture we had from our recent visit to Oche was disheartening but expected. The wind turbines near Platanistos and Milia are erected one after another, while at the same time more pylons of high voltage are installed. You have the feeling that you are in another place from what you were familiar with, as the natural landscape is replaced by iron structures that dominate the horizon due to their size. The St. Mamma substation is of the order of magnitude of the substation in the plain of Karystos. High-voltage lines pass a few meters above the shepherd's huts.

South Karystia area, in the vice of industrial wind parks

The wind-park installation works of Enel and other companies proceed at a quick pace. The mountain is under a phase of demolition from one edge to the other: all mountain ridges are accessed through roads, from which other access roads start towards other wind turbines. Separate roads are being opened in the whole Cavo d'Oro area, to Mpouros area. Technical works for rain-water runoff are absent, which means that if rain-water becomes intense, it will result in unpredictable destruction. Since summer, rocks have rolled down, close to houses in Shizali village.